Interactive Malware Analysis

Interactive analysis is becoming more popular every day. It can be used both for the analysis of regular samples and is also not replaceable if you come across unique malware samples. Let’s explore what interactive analysis is, and what are the main benefits.

Threat Hunting and Why its Important?

In 2017, security researchers record roughly 8.5 billion malware attacks. Just a year later, this number grew to 10.5 billion in 2019. The same year, over 60% of businesses reported that they experienced phishing attacks

Malware History: I LOVE YOU

On the 4th of May 2000, a new malicious program was released into the wild — ILOVEYOU, also known as Loveletter and Lovebug. We didn’t know it then, but this worm would forever change how we view malware, causing devastating damage.

Retrospective Malware Analysis and Detection

Most defensive systems analyze incoming traffic at a single point in time. For example, firewalls detect known network signatures and can block malicious traffic. But what if attackers develop an entirely new signature? Or use a completely new malware strain altogether? But retrospective malware analysis can just about save the day.

How to Use ANY.RUN

Read a guide on the functionalities of the interactive malware hunting service. Find out about its interface and features. Register and start your work!

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